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A light as air whipped body butter with 1,451 milligrams of CBD in each jar! This butter is not only amazing hydration for your skin, but the CBD and a dash of DMSO mean serious help for your trouble spots. Use it on feet, elbows, hands, knees, neck, or anywhere it hurts. Unless your eyes hurt…. Do not apply to your eyeballs! This 4oz container contains 2.25 oz by weight. It is meant to be targeted support, rather than a head to toe butter. The potency of this is in between our two Muscle Pain Erasers, but closer to the 265 to give you an idea of strength.

It feels light and fluffy in your hands, but quickly melts into your skin. It will feel greasy at first, but don’t be fooled! It sinks right in and goes to work. Apply to clean, dry areas as needed. A little goes a long way. Since it contains DMSO, we advise that you don’t get the area “dirty” immediately after applying.

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I have wanted to make this product for so long! We have some extract left over from the CO2 extraction fiasco, and it worked perfectly for this. That extract no longer meets our extremely high standards for ingested oil because of its age and loss of terpenes. We only use our freshest extract for the ingested oil. However, the potency is still great and terpenes aren’t a factor for topicals. That’s the reason this butter is priced lower than our other products.  As we see it, this part of the oil that they were supposed to leave non-decarbed was what we unfortunately ruled a total loss. So being able to use it in a topical helps us recoup a small amount of expense. It’s a total score for anyone who snags it. This would normally be $130!

This will be a regular addition to our product line. Once this extract is gone, we will make an adjustment to the price and probably offer a lower potency option as well if the demand is there.
The only caveat is that we cannot ship this during the warmer months. Whipped butters completely lose their light and amazing texture when they’re heated. It would become like a balm.

**Allergy warning** contains almond oil.

Ingredients: mango butter, horsetail butter (almond oil, horsetail extract, hydrogenated vegetable oil), babassu oil, shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, tamanu oil, DMSO, oat extract, vitamin E, full spectrum hemp extract. It came in at 22.8 mg/g of CBD.

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