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We are waiting for the new molds to come in. Once they do, we’ll get a new analysis done since it’ll be a new batch of oil.

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Our suppositories are made with non-decarbed Baox.

They are about 1.3 ml or 2 ml and just under 1.5″ long. Each 1.3 ml contains 50 mg of CBD and the 2 ml contains about 76.9 mg of CBD. The full spectrum hemp extract is blended with organic mango and cocoa butters. They are for sale individually in a single-use mold, and you may purchase as many as you require. They may be used rectally or vaginally.

The lab analysis for this product is available on the info page.

For more information on the decarbing process, check out the info page.

To open, cut down the side and use clean or gloved hand to apply to desired area. Wash hands after application.

We suggest keeping your suppositories in their packaging in a sealed container in the refrigerator. When they are nice and firm, they tend to provide a more smooth insertion. They will of course be solid at room temperature, but the ingredients do begin to melt on contact with skin or any heat source.

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