Sulfate Free Shampoo Bar


A solid shampoo with no sulfates, no plastic, and no bulk. All natural if noted.

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This is our newest product to the farm product collection. I’ve been working on the recipe for a bit now, and really like where it’s at. I’m pretty particular about products being awesome before I every list them for sale!

What is a shampoo bar? It’s a solid shampoo that comes wrapped in a coffee filter, taking out the plastic and bulk from your shower.

Why use one? These work the same as shampoo in a bottle, without all the bad stuff. These bars are sulfate free, which means they’re totally safe for permed or color treated hair. It’s much more gentle on your hair.

Will it work for my hair? This bar is made for normal/dry hair. As time allows, I’ll add more varieties for other hair types. However, this bar should work for most everyone.

How do you use it? You lather in your hands or rub directly on your roots. Work into a rich lather, taking time to gently exfoliate your scalp. Then rinse very well. You can follow up with whatever manor of conditioner you choose. I’m working on a conditioner bar recipe now. It’s extremely important that the bar is not sitting in water or getting wet between uses. Making sure your bar is allowed to dry between uses will help it last as long as possible.

All varieties contain coconut.

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