Painted Mountain Corn Seed


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Painted Mountain corn is absolutely beautiful at harvest. Each ear is unique with a range of maroon, yellow, orange, purple, and blue kernels. This corn was originally bred in the Montana mountains by Dave Christensen in the 1970’s. We have grown it for a few years, and it actually finishes during our extremely short growing season. This corn is very hardy, and we had very little loss during the late spring freezes we inevitably have at 8500 feet. It’s perfect for the home garden, small farm, or homestead.

The corn is 90 day, but for us it was about 110. Our stalks produced mostly 2 ears each. They varied from 6″ to 9″ in length. Painted Mountain is a flour corn, but also works great for animal feed. It can be harvested early, while the kernels are still white/yellow, and eaten as sweet corn. Once the color begins to change, the taste changes. Painted Mountain has a great nutritional profile, so it works well for breads, johnny cakes, tortillas and muffins. It also looks great used as fall decoration.

This seed is non-GMO and grown organically with NO Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). Ever. To harvest, we allow the ears to remain on the stalk until they have stopped growing, evidenced by the leaves browning. You can leave it on longer, but you risk losing some to the birds, deer, or any other hungry critter! Then you simple remove the husk and allow the corn to dry completely before removing it from the cob. We have a simple flour mill, and it worked great. However, for corn bread we learned to leave it a little more coarse!

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