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This is our more concentrated CBD oil. It is made using the Baox flower. The full spectrum hemp extract is blended with organic, unrefined hemp seed oil. The total milligram content is detailed on the label for CBD, CBG, CBC and THC.

Right now we only have non-decarbed. If you’re looking for a decarbed high potency, try the HP decarbed R4.

The THC is under the legal limit of .3%. However, please be aware that this will very likely show up on a drug test for THC.

The difference starts with terpenes. The non-decarbed oil still has a high terpene content, and that profile can be seen on the info page. (It is for our regular potency, so you’ll get even more in this version.) The next difference is the CBD content contains lots of CBDa in the non-decarbed. CBDa is shown to work well for arthritis, inflammation, and swelling. You can view the cannabinoid chart on the info page to see what works best for your particular ailment.

Keep in mind that this is more concentrated than our regular potency so the taste will be more intense. The decarbed version is more mild than the non-decarbed, which is spicy.

The lab analysis is on the info page.

Shake very well before each use. We suggest starting with one to two sprays under the tongue. It is best to let the oil sit under your tongue for 15-30 seconds. Allow 15-20 minutes to see if you require any additional sprays. You may drink something immediately after.

For topical use, apply directly to the area and massage in. Do not apply to the eyes.

The oil is fine at room temperature as long as it’s kept away from heat and direct sunlight. You may also keep it in the refrigerator.

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