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Non-decarbed Baox will be back as soon as possible!

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This is our more concentrated CBD oil. It is made using the Baox flower. The full spectrum hemp extract is blended with organic, unrefined hemp seed oil. The total milligram content is detailed on the label for CBD, CBG, CBC and THC.

We have a limited run of decarbed Baox right now. The quantity that’s available is all we will have. It’s got great CBD and CBC numbers. 

The THC is under the legal limit of .3%. However, please be aware that this will very likely show up on a drug test for THC.

The difference starts with terpenes. The non-decarbed oil still has a high terpene content, and that profile can be seen on the info page. (It is for the pure, undiluted extract.) The next difference is the CBD content contains lots of CBDa in the non-decarbed. CBDa is shown to work well for arthritis, inflammation, and swelling. You can view the cannabinoid chart on the info page to see what works best for your particular ailment.

Keep in mind that this is more concentrated than our regular potency so the taste will be more intense. The decarbed version is more mild than the non-decarbed, which is spicy.

The lab analysis are on the info page.

Shake very well before each use. We suggest starting with one to two sprays under the tongue. It is best to let the oil sit under your tongue for 15-30 seconds. Allow 15-20 minutes to see if you require any additional sprays. You may drink something immediately after.

For topical use, apply directly to the area and massage in. Do not apply to the eyes.

The oil is fine at room temperature as long as it’s kept away from heat and direct sunlight. You may also keep it in the refrigerator.

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  1. This review was sent to us via email.
    Big Nugget Farm’s high potency oil is working for me. Here’s my story:

    I have had bad knees for many years, then in Oct 2018, I tore the meniscus in my right knee…so painful I couldn’t walk, without crutches. My Doctor took some Xrays and said they don’t look good, and surprisingly, the left knee looked worse… and to expect knee replacement surgery in the near future for both knees. He said, to take “over-the-counter” pain pills and if they didn’t work, come back for more powerful pain killers. The over the counter pain pills worked OK, but I didn’t want to be dependent on them for the long term.
    Then after I was telling some friends about this, I received a recommendation for CBD from Big Nugget Farm. I did some research and acquired High Potency Non-decarbed CBD oil. But, I was still skeptical that it would help, because of my old worn out knees. I started using 20mg, twice a day (morning and evening). After about a week I noticed that it was starting to help with pain, I was surprised, that it was working better than Ibuprofen and acetaminophen.
    Some weeks later, for reason of a unrelated outpatient surgical procedure, I quit taking the CBD for a week. My knee pain came back after a couple days. After the outpatient surgical procedure, I started the CBD again, but I thought I’d try a lower dose 10mg in morning and 10 mg in evening, just because I am kind of cheap. The pain went away in a couple days.
    It’s now April, I’m still using the CBD. I am able to walk longer distances without pain …longer than before I tore the meniscus in my right knee last October. I am so happy that the CBD works and I have a source for this organic naturally grown Hemp product that is legal to posses in my State of Minnesota.
    I have done more reading about CBD, and the anti-inflammatory properties of it, is the major reason why this is helping my old worn-out knees. As I understand it, eliminate most of the swelling, means eliminate most of the pain. Now, I do acknowledge this isn’t a permanent fix for worn out knees, it’s just a semi-temporary pain relief until I am able to seek knee replacement surgery.
    I’d like at add that I seem to have a couple side-effects…. positive side-effects. Previously, I would rarely sleep through the night, I wake up two or three times each night for one reason or other. Since I started using CBD, I sleep much better, it’s rare for me to wake up in the middle of the night now. Also, I use to get anxious feelings once in a while (about once a week), usually for different reasons, but mostly due to stress…Those episodes of anxiety rarely happen now. It really does have a calming effect. Thank you Big Nugget Farm.

  2. This review was sent to us via email.
    I love the high potency oil. I recently had a chemical burn on the roof of my mouth, from an uncaring dentist, and this oil helped with the awful pain. I have Multiple Sclerosis and find that I have been feeling better in general, all over since I began the oil. I love the love that Tim and Meagan put into their products. Best customer service ever and prompt. AWESOME !!

  3. This oil keeps my degenerative disk disease in check. I live an active life both on and off work. The pain relief and balance in my life are vastly improved using this oil. I have seen the farm where the product is grown and their description is dead on. Wonderful CBD

  4. Even tho I work where they can drug test me, I moved to this product for an acute injury to my deltoid. I applied it directly three times a day for two days, and after not being able to even lift my arm, I could get back to my massage business 48 hours later! I love the product and the people who make it…and all the amazing detailed info you provide. When I do not have any in stock, I send them right to the website! Thanks for your integrity and thoroughness!

  5. This review was sent to us via email.
    I have been taking this product for several months now because I have chronic graft versus host disease after a stem cell transplant and it has helped tremendously. I am soon to get off of my medications and will be able to live a healthy normal life thanks to these awesome products. Not to mention the customer service. You can tell that Tim and Meagan truly care about what they do and the people they are helping! Thank you so much for a great product!

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