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  • Whipped Body Butter (no CBD)


    This body butter is different from our whipped CBD body butter. It has no CBD added. The recipe is also different, as this one is geared more towards healing skin and to provide an option for those who don’t want or can’t use CBD products. While this product contains no highly allergenic ingredients, please check the list to make sure you don’t have any interactions. This is available in butt nekked (unscented), lavender essential oil, natural toasted vanilla, and tranquil sea. A little goes a long way, so expect the container to last you a while. Tranquil sea is similar to ocean type scents from a certain mass producing chain of bath and body goods. It’s light, fresh, clean, and soothing. It’s one of my favorites for bedtime because the scent is light and airy. All varieties are vegan.