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    Handmade Milk Soap


    Why would you pay for handmade bar soap? Well, first off you can read and pronounce every single ingredient on my label. Every ingredient I use is high quality and designed to leave your skin soft and moisturized. Second is due to the fact that most commercial “soap” is actually detergent. Yes, it contains harsh detergent and surfactants that will strip your skin and leave it dry. Next is that often they include parabens, propylene glycol, and mineral oil (petrolatum). The big grocery brands will use all kinds of fancy words so you don’t know that you’re bathing in antifreeze and industrial lubricant. Then there’s the fact that you’re supporting a small business while also putting something you can feel good about using on your body. We only get one, so why not treat it like royalty!

  • Wax Melts


    More photos are coming soon!

  • Wickless Candle


    What is a wickless candle? It’s the best of both a wax melt and a candle. You can use this little tin in so many ways. It can be placed directly on a wax warmer without the dish. It can sit in your car cup holder or on a bathroom counter to scent small spaces. Keep one on your desk, and simply remove the lid when you want to enjoy the scent. No mess, no flame, and no chunk of wax to worry about storing if you want to change scents. These make great teacher gifts as flames or melted wax aren’t safe in the classrooms. I can do custom scents here, so if you’re interested in that contact us!
    These are 2.65oz of natural wax and a “clean” fragrance oil in a 4oz tin with a screw top lid. A clean fragrance oil is paraben, pthalate, and formaldehyde free. Nobody needs those in their life!

  • Painted Mountain Corn Seed


    Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Relieve — Balance — Activate All of our hemp is organically grown. All products are lab certified. If you’re not sure which is a better fit for your needs, check the info page. You can view a chart that details what each cannabinoid helps, and I’ve added a new chart showing the content…

  • Westcliffe CSA Share 2023


    All produce is grown organically. No herbicides, no synthetic fertilizer. We are incredibly picky about what pesticide we use. We always try to start with neem oil or castile soap and water. If that fails, we move on to Organocide (sesame oil and fish oil) used sparingly and only when necessary. Please note that your produce will come from the ground, dirt and all. Washing produce immediately shortens the shelf life, so we leave it dirty. Please wash your items before use or when you put them into the fridge.