Root to Sale

We Go the Extra Mile

Our plants were grown in native soil at 8500' in Custer County, Colorado. We added compost and Bokashi Tea soil probiotic from Innovative Organics in Denver, CO. According to their website, this tea replenishes and improves soil microflora. Healthy microbial soil is essential for healthy plants. The tea also works wonders as a pest deterrent.

We do not plow our field. Leaving the native plants in place helps reduce the amount of water needed. It also helps limit erosion and protect the clones when they are small.

Every single clone was cut, rooted, and planted by us.

100% Accountability

We have our hemp tested at various stages of growth as well as before and after we blend the final product.

We use two different labs in the Denver metro area to verify that our product is not only top notch, but exactly as we claim it to be.

The processor we use to extract the oil follows a state of the art technique. They are able to preserve not just the CBD, but all the cannabinoids and terpenes. This means the final product you get has more benefits than CBD alone.

The Final Product

We have our hemp processed into oil in small batches. After the lab has tested each batch of straight oil, we use a commercial kitchen to blend it with organic, unrefined hemp seed oil. Once again, it goes back to the lab to ensure that the final levels of each cannabinoid are as they should be. This is the lab report that can be viewed on the CBD Info page. It details what in in each bottle.

Then we bottle, label, shrink wrap and ship them out to you. It contains no GMO's, preservatives, flavors, or additives. Other than the processing, we do every single step ourselves. This ensures you're getting a consistent product that meets our high standards.