What is Cannabidiol

and some other common questions

So what exactly is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many cannabinoid molecules that come from the hemp plant. It is being studied more and more every year and has shown promise in many regards. It is not the same as THC, but can offer many of the same benefits for the body as well as others without the high or intoxication.

Where is your hemp grown?

At 8500' in Custer County, Colorado.

You keep mentioning the altitude. Why does that matter?

Our hemp has a much higher terpene content as well as a more complex cannabinoid profile. The altitude, temperature and soil conditions all contribute to a more complete and higher quality product. The stronger the UV exposure, the higher the terpene levels.

Does it get you "high"?

No, CBD does not have the same effect as THC. In fact, CBD helps combat the effect that THC has on the body.

Will it work for me?

Just like anything else, we cannot guarantee it will work for everyone. We have seen and heard it work for many, including ourselves and our families.

What does it look/taste/smell like?

The oils range from a slight yellow tint to a dark green hue. The color depends on the strain. The taste also depends on the strain. The Baox strain is very light and spicy, reminiscent of fennel. This is the oil we make the High Potency with, so it's the same.

The R4 smells and tastes "green" like fresh plants. We recommend you either take a drink after application or take it with some honey if you are bothered by the taste. You can also mix the oil into food or bake it into cookies or similar.

How long does it take to work?

We suggest starting with 1--2 sprays or 2-4 drops under the tongue. It does work better and faster if you let it sit under your tongue for 15-30 seconds, but it's obviously your call. In 15 minutes, you will be able to tell if that dose is enough for you. Dosage will vary from person to person, so you'll need to find what's right for you.

Can I use the oil in a vape pen?

Nope. The oil doesn't contain the chemicals necessary to work in a vape pen. We had a vape juice, but the extract was settling out. In the future, we will probably work on a new formula.

What conditions/problems will it treat?

Because we are not medical professionals, and this product is not regulated by the FDA, it would be irresponsible to make any medical claims. You can find information about CBD on the American cancer society's website, as well as many others such as pubmed. You can learn more about potential benefits here and here. This one talks about tumors and CBD. We are always happy to share our customers' experiences. However, that doesn't mean you'll see the same results. Everyone will have a different experience.

Can I take this if I'm pregnant/nursing/taking other medications/under the care of a physician?

If you have any concerns about whether CBD is right for you, please consult with your healthcare provider.

How do you ship? Will anyone know what's in the package?

Your product is either in a padded envelope or a priority box. Handling time is 1 business day, but we ship same day if possible. Each bottle has a shrink wrap band and is packaged to protect the glass.

Do you do bulk or wholesale discounts?

We sure do! If you'd like to carry our product in your store, please give us a call. If you want to order enough for personal use to qualify for a bulk discount, just send us an email or use the contact us page. We'll send you an invoice with the price adjusted based on the quantity you want to order. Please do not contact us if you're looking to pay next to nothing for our product. You'll just be wasting both of our time.

What is your CBD oil mixed with? Do you use any flavors or artificial ingredients?

Our CBD oil is mixed with organic, unrefined hemp seed oil. Nothing else goes into the bottle. In the future, we may look into flavoring with things like essential oils. We want to stay as natural as possible, and it's hard to cover up the taste with anything natural.

How do I store it?

The oil and pain stick are fine at room temperature as long as you keep them out of the sun and away from heat. You may also keep them refrigerated if you choose. Suppositories are best kept in the fridge or freezer, but at at a minimum, in a cool place away from sun or heat.

What cannabinoids are in your product?

Our lab analysis is below for every single product we sell. Each strain is identified in its description. You can view a chart of what each cannabinoid does here.

Are there different types of CBD oil?

The short answer is yes. However, the amount of incorrect information on the web regarding this topic and the one below is staggering. Everyone seems to just be copying and pasting the same information, which is unfortunately inaccurate.

It says raw, de-carbed, and filtered or "gold" are the three types of oil. This is more someone's interpretation than a fact. Raw oil doesn't necessarily mean it hasn't been filtered. It also doesn't mean the oil will be very dark. The name "gold oil" is extremely misleading. It doesn't mean it's "top shelf" or better than any other oil. It simply refers to the color. The funny part is that the color of the final product depends mainly on the condition of the hemp when it goes to the processor. If it is full of dirt or other particulates, the oil will be darker. However, just because the oil is dark doesn't mean it contained anything foreign. End color also depends on the extraction process used. More chlorophyll is filtered out during a cold extraction. When an oil is filtered at room temperature or while heated, the chlorophyll is pulled into the oil.

What does decarboxylated (de-carbed) mean?

"De-carbed" oil has been heated above 330° in order to remove the carboxyl group (acid) from the chain. Why is this necessary? The simple answer is, it's not. Some health department jurisdictions, like Denver County, decided that the oil needs to be super heated to prevent botulism. Sounds ridiculous, right? Botulism requires an anaerobic environment to grow, meaning zero air. Hemp oil products are definitely exposed to air, unless they're packaged like a can of soup. So you be the judge.

Why does everyone think it's a good thing to de-carb the oil?

Our best guess as to why it's the norm stems from marijuana. In order to get the most "high" from THC, it needs to be decarboxylated, which is usually done by heating. This is why those who smoke it get a faster and stronger effect than those who ingest it in edibles. This theory just doesn't apply to CBD. You do NOT need to age or heat CBD to get the most out of it. In fact, once you heat it that high you remove the acid chains and no longer have the amazing CBDa or THCa. If your ailment is best served by one of those, then you need to stick with a nondecarbed oil.

How does it affect the final product?

Ahh the most important question! The copied misinformation floating around tells you that raw oil will have lower CBD values and contains plant parts. Our raw oil actually has higher CBD than it's de-carbed counterpart. You LOSE 12% or so of your CBD content when you decarb the oil!!!

Our processor filters out any plant matter from the raw oil. You may have also read that de-carbing the oil increases the strength, effectiveness and reaction time once it enters the body. This is a real head-scratcher for us. It would seem common sense that the more processed anything is, the further it gets from its natural state. Almost everything your body needs is best utilized in natural form rather than ultra processed. Leaving the oil raw allows it to be absorbed easier by the body. When the oil is de-carbed, it actually loses some beneficial qualities. It removes the terpenes, the acid chains, chlorophyll, and you run the risk of degrading the cannabinoids.

Is raw oil better than de-carbed? Why not just carry raw oil?

Just like almost anything else, there isn't a "one size fits all" oil. One is not necessarily better than the other, it's more about what each person needs.

Our decarbed Baox oil (high potency) has more CBC and CBG. The raw Baox (ag-1 and 3) has high CBDa and still contains terpenes. Each terpene has a different benefit. You can read more about them here. The R4 does have the highest CBD, but it has been decarbed and doesn't contain terpenes. And to answer your next question, yes we're getting a terpene analysis done!

The Certificate of Analysis from our lab is below for each oil. If you need to see it larger please right click and choose view image. That will open it in a new page and allow you to zoom in more. If you have any questions on which oil is right for your needs, don't hesitate to email or call us. We typically respond to emails the same day.

How you decipher the COA is a little tricky. You can see each type of cannabinoid on the left side under potency analysis. With the exception of the suppository, you'll be looking at the middle column which shows the milligram content per gram. The color coded pie chart shows what percentage each makes up of the total cannabinoid profile. We know this is a lot of information, and is likely very confusing. If you are overwhelmed or just plain lost, please reach out. While my husband has had a firm understanding of all of this for a long time, I was right where you are very recently. We can help demystify all of this!

Non-decarbed Baox Dilute (AG-1)


Ag-3 Dilute

R4 Dilute

180 mg Pain Eraser

270 mg Pain Eraser

Decarbed Baox Dilute (High Potency)

400 mg Pain Eraser

Non-decarbed Baox Dilute (Ag3 High Potency)

Terpene Analysis Non-decarbed Baox Dilute

Full Spectrum CBD Lip Butter Recipe One

Milligrams per milliliter

This chart allows for easy comparison of the cannabinoids in each strain. To determine which are best for your needs, please click the link to the chart listed above that talks about cannabinoids. Do remember that the AG-1 is the only non-decarbed oil that contains the full terpene profile.