Credit Card Processing is gone.. Yes, again.. BUT..

Our application is in with a new company and we're estimated to be approved by 11/21. I have all the hope that we'll have card processing up and running 11/22!

Also, we have ACH (digital check processing) through GreenPay! However, if you don't want to use that option, you can still send payment via Venmo or by mailing a check. If you aren't already using the Venmo app, please don't sign up just to pay us.

I know this is inconvenient to say the least, and honestly after we went through this with paypal last year, I never expected to go through it again. Maybe this will be the last time?


Also, as you may have seen on any of our non-decarbed product pages, we got majorly shafted by trying a new extraction company that uses CO2. Not only did we only get half of the yield that we normally get (for the same cost), but they also decarbed ALL the oil instead of only part like we asked. However, we now have the high potency nondecarbed back in stock! We should have the COA back for the regular strength today (9/3) and I'll get it added as soon as we do. These are what we previously called Ag3 and Ag3HP. The strain is Baox, and they're both just going to be called by their strain name now. 

Care about what goes into your body?
So do we!

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What can CBD do for you?

Customers are using our full spectrum oil to help pain, calm anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, tremors, seizures, arthritis, cancer, and many other ailments. Our hemp is grown at 8500' in Custer County, CO, on our small family farm. Being 100% off-grid means we make our own power and use water from the well. We aren't reliant on grid power nor do we have the chemicals added to city water. We practice a 'root to retail' philosophy to bring you the finest cannabidiol. Big Nugget Farm offers several sizes of organically grown full spectrum hemp extract blended with organic, unrefined hemp seed oil. We also have topical products, lip butter, and suppositories.

What does the 2018 Farm Bill Mean for hemp?

As you may know, the 2018 farm bill was signed by President Trump. This made hemp federally legal as long as the THC is under .3%. It is no longer considered a controlled substance, and can pass over state lines without any fear of repercussion. This was a huge step for the industry, but unfortunately it will open the floodgates for less than desirable product. 

There will be a ton of people jumping on the CBD/hemp bandwagon that have no business doing so, and are only in it to make a quick buck. In the coming months, we will likely see an influx of CBD products hit the market. While you may be inclined to try a different product, especially one at a lower price point, we encourage you to be diligent about researching them first. Keep in mind that there is very little accountability and no growing standards in this industry. Hemp/CBD are not regulated by the FDA, so unfortunately you have guarantee what you're getting. No regulations mean anyone can buy isolate from China, or grow hemp in farmland filled with glyphosate (round-up) and God knows what else, then call those products natural or organically grown when they sell them. Even if they did find land that hasn't been covered with toxic sludge, what is in the ground water is just as important. If those chemicals have been used, that means they are in the entire aquifer. When you're trying to heal yourself, the last thing you need is to be unknowingly ingesting more toxins.

People don't have to provide the lab certification of the product, let alone a current one. I was just on a new site I'd never heard of until recently doing some investigation for a customer, and they don't even disclose what else is in their bottles. No COA's either. I searched every page. It also doesn't say where it's grown, just that it's done organically without any toxins.

We grow on virgin land, meaning it's never been farmed before. The big agricultural product in our area? Cattle and bison. We actually grow everything we sell, and care very deeply about the quality of our product. Another thing I can guarantee is that we will NEVER sell isolate. You can trust the same product we use both personally and on our children.

We will never compromise on quality at any cost. Period.

Information overload?

So you've read lots of info, and you've visited more CBD sites than you can count. Now comes time to make the decision. Just like any other smart consumer, you're wondering "why should I give you my money?".

If you're still not convinced after looking around our site, I'll give you the top ways we stand out from the others.

First off, we spend very little money on marketing. Does that mean we don't need to advertise? Nope. It means we care way more about putting our money into the product rather than paying to be a top result on google. We rely mainly on word of mouth from our customers to generate new clientele.

Next is the fact that we provide 100% transparency.

Are we licensed with the state to grow hemp? Yep. Do we actually grow it ourselves? Absolutely.

Is our product lab certified? Do we disclose exactly what's in the product? Yep and yep.

We believe that you should know exactly where, how, and by whom your hemp was grown.

The last difference I want to point out is the value. Not only is our oil more concentrated than most others, but we also charge quite a bit less. You'll find many sites that charge double the price for less content.

Those are three of the most important ways we differ from the "competition". If you still aren't sure you're making the right choice with us, contact us and we'll answer any other questions you have.